About Salesupply

As a specialist in the international deployment of websites and market places, Salesupply allows online store owners to easily and quickly conquer new markets.

Our team of dedicated global ecommerce experts based in offices in 20 countries enable entry in Europe, the USA, Brazil and China.

The deployment of branded sites and listing on market places in different countries follows a well established process (with over 250 successful deployments in 5 years). The innovative concept (Innovation Price 2013) is based on sharing competences and costs.

The specialist resources in our teams across 20 countries deliver and advise on

  • Localisation (without the need to set up your own in country office or company)

  • Translation

  • VAT and legal

  • Payment methods

  • Customer service

  • Logistics (including return management)

  • Marketing

The success of our clients is the success of Salesupply. In fact our normal business model predominantly balances pricing per activity with revenue related commission. At Salesupply we operate a truly win-win partnership model which to a large extent we can adapt to suit your requirements.


Our process consists of four steps

  1. Market assessment: The prioritisation of countries and routes to market requires relevant information and insights, combined with a pragmatic approach to decision making. At Salesupply we understand eCommerce in the different countries we operate in and will find the information for your specific products, customers and competitors.

  2. Localisation: Adapting your site to the needs and expectations of your audience in each country requires much more than effective translation – we help you put the right solutions in place, be that payment method, trust mark, data fields etc.

  3. Ongoing operational management: Whether you set up your own websites or sell through market places you will need local operational support. One of our specialities is local customer services and return management, a prerequisite (also by market places) to achieve optimal customer experience, process efficiency and so effectively help grow revenue.

  4. Digital marketing:  We keep a close watch over the performance of your web shop or market place, and develop and implement effective plans for improvement in any relevant manner (adwords, display, remarketing, shopping engine, social media) to stimulate conversion and boost traffic.


As a result of working with Salesupply our clients achieve international growth

  • faster  (set up in any country in 1 month), with

  • less risk (no requirement for own office or personnel, 100% effective localisation, etc), and

  • higher net return



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