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We intend to meet the needs of our English customers. The Salesupply Call Centre is a flexible solution that can help you maintain a quality relationship with your online customers nationwide. Our services allow you to outsource your customer service in full, or only partially. All our operators are based in England, with English as their native language, and they also have extensive experience in e-commerce customer service. We are ready to start a trial, you only need to contact us to start your first month for free!

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Customer service for online shopping requires customisation and specific e-commerce knowledge, such as managing delivery tracking, order management and returns management. Salesupply teams are specialists in customer service for online shoppers. Salesupply are experts in providing a superior level of e-commerce customer service and we are currently managing over 200 online stores.

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In the field of e-commerce, the management of complaints, post sale events, and customer care in general are factors of major importance. During the aftersales process, customers can be in direct contact with the company, and use their feedback in order to learn about their customers and adapt as required. Therefore, a professional customer service focused on e-commerce is a must for an excellent user experience and online reputation.

Standard offer

Delegation of your customer service between 9:00 and 18:00, in which our telemarketers receive and send emails and/or calls for your online customers.

Overflow offer

Salesupply telemarketers receive a share of incoming calls and emails from your customers, according to the guidelines you set. You can then focus on more technical calls and messages, or ones of higher importance.

Outsourcing Offer

With this offer, you can delegate all of your customer service to Salesupply. Our operators will answer on your behalf and are trained to accurately answer specific questions regarding products or policies. Our tracking and monitoring tools allow us to monitor activity and quality of service in real time.

IVR - Interactive Voice Response System

This is a tool that lets you program a voice message with several options in order to efficiently direct calls from your clients.

Real-time call monitoring

Control and monitor all telephone activity: view and listen to real-time conversation of our operators to ensure quality communication.


This is a tool developed by Salesupply with the aim of integrating online shops. It allows you to manage e-mails, calls and customer orders. It also has tools which allow you to perform thorough and comprehensive real-time monitoring of the volume and quality of customer service.

Training of our operators

The Salesupply operators are fully trained in e-commerce activity and are able to deal with calls and emails in a professional manner according to the needs of your business.

Receiving Calls

Our Salesupply operators will deal with your customers' calls and emails on your behalf, according to your instructions. Inbound calls can be grouped according to the type of call, and Salesupply can take a share of your incoming calls according to the established business guidelines.
Customer emails

Emailing clients

The ShopCtrl tool developed by Salesupply is a multi store management process, to which each user has unique access. The CMS is a key element in boosting your client relationship. It allows our operators to manage incoming e-mails and send replies, providing an optimal customer service.


An analysis of the operator activity (individually or as a group) can be performed in real time, according to different filters: by date, by subject, by person, etc.

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