Logistic Fulfilment

Fulfilment and logistics play a key role in the success of any company selling online, but especially for those selling overseas. The fulfilment and delivery processes are often the only points of contact that customers have with online retailers after the purchase is made. Making sure customers have an excellent experience during these processes is crucial to generating positive feedback for your store.

Worldwide Network

Salesupply's global network presents e-retailers with a scalable solution to successfully expand their e-commerce operations internationally. Salesupply is established in the Netherlands, Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Brazil, Russia and the US. Our qualified staff allows our customers to develop businesses in many countries. Please contact us for more details.


Through working with experienced logistics companies operating globally, Salesupply allows online retailers to store their products closer to their delivery destinations. The advantages of this strategy are to reduce shipping costs, to deliver faster and to achieve effective returns management, thus improving the shopping experience for your e-commerce customers.
Salesupply works with experienced logistic and fulfilment companies worldwide in order to allow online retailers to store their products closer to their delivery destinations. The advantages of this strategy are reduced shipping costs, a faster delivery and more effective returns management.

Pick & Pack

Our local pick and pack services allow you to compete with delivery prices and shipping times offered by your competitors. As your stock will be located within the country the order has originated from, customers won't have to pay international shipping fees and will get their order sooner. As soon as an order is received it is quickly picked and packed by our local fulfilment team and despatched using a local courier.

Custom Duties

Customs tax is a tax based on the value of the goods, the weight and the dimensions. We inform you of the costs in different countries. Our integrated logistics service offers the ability to import and store large amounts of items which could save you money in the long run.


Delivery times are a major factor when it comes to the success of your overseas sales. If you want to sell abroad, it is important to offer customers delivery times and prices that are competitive with domestic stores. We are able to help customers develop acompetitive shipping operation through our network of logistics partners. 


For many e-commerce customers, returns are an inevitable aspect of selling online. Even if your industry does not typically experience a lot of returns, it is important that they are processed quickly and effectively when they are received. We offer a returns management service that satisfies the needs of both the supplier and the customers.

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