Ecommerce Customer Care Trends & Figures 2021

Since last year, the world has turned upside down. In many countries, brick and mortar retail has (nearly) come to a standstill and e-commerce has become the default way of shopping. Apart from great opportunities, this also presents significant challenges for e-commerce businesses: customer service


How Vinoos is conquering the US with fulfilment services from Salesupply

Vinoos, ´The Real WINE gum´ was conceived in Amsterdam in 2014 and in no time sparked the interest of several luxury department stores and the Dutch airline KLM. In order to become truly successful, founder Mireille Reuling knew that volume was a key factor. Where do you find that kind of volume?



E-fulfilment after Brexit

We have all seen the terrifying images of freight traffic jams at the UK borders, CHIEF (Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight) systems and the news updates of several large carriers announcing to suspend their operations from mainland Europe to the UK or from the UK towards mainland Europe.

Paez - Salesupply


How PAEZ focused on Customer Service during the ‘perfect storm’

Imagine being in the middle of an operational transition after taking over the management of an international fashion brand and, all of sudden, COVID-19 takes over. This was the case for the new team at footwear brand PAEZ. Francisco Lacerda, at the time Operations Manager at PAEZ tells about the