Wijchen (The Netherlands), September 11th 2014- Salesupply, a leading e-commerce internationalization service provider based in The Netherlands, has today received the news to be one of the nominees for the Deloitte Technology Fast50 award. The Deloitte Technology Fast50 is a yearly election of the fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands, based on their percent turnover growth throughout the past 5 years.

With a turnover growth of close to 1000 percent, Salesupply has truly earned its spot on the Deloitte Technology Fast50Jeroen Leenders, Director of  Salesupply Netherlands, is pleasantly surprised by the news and uses the opportunity to express his gratitude towards Salesupply’s loyal partners and affiliates: “The nomination is a confirmation of the good work that has been done by everybody throughout the past years.”

The award ceremony is going to take place on Thursday, October 31st 2014 in Utrecht (the Netherlands), and will reveal which place Salesupply will finally achieve in the competition.

About Salesupply
Salesupply is a global e-business services company that enables eRetailers to achieve profitable international growth faster, more efficiently and with relatively low costs. Salesupply provides a full range of solutions ranging from research and strategy, to effective localization of web shops, followed by complete operational support, traffic generation and brand management. Through our advanced systems, our flexible operational structure and our international office network we are able to ‚embed‘ these services seamlessly in our customers’ business model. Today we are helping over 200 satisfied webshops with their international e-commerce, including A.T.U, Marks and Spencer, G-Star, O'moda.eu, Fonq.nl, Expresso Fashion, Impericon, Sloggi, EKOSPORT, Unisport and many more. The Salesupply network includes subsidiaries in the Netherlands, the US, Spain, France, Denmark, the UK, Italy, Brazil, Russia, Poland and China with more locations soon to come.

About the Deloitte Technology Fast50
The  Deloitte Technology Fast50 is a yearly recurring election of the fastest growing technology companies. The selection is based on the companies’ growth throughout the past five years (2009 - 2013). Companies that exist shorter than five years can participate in the category ‘Rising Star’. They are evaluated based on their turnover potential and scalability instead of their growth figures. Companies from the private and public sector, from all technology sectors including software, internet, bio-medical equipment, computer equipment, communication, networks, media, entertainment, greentech and much more can participate in the election.