Salesupply are a growing multi-national company, specialising in servicing and multi-platform marketing for online shops seeking entry into the global marketplace - they now have a new office in China and are keen to form new partnerships.

A new Salesupply office has been opened in the trading-hub of Shanghai; this will serve the steadily growing Chinese e-commerce market and will offer a unique opportunity for businesses to localise their web shops. The Shanghai Office will not only offer businesses native-speaking Customer Support but will also provide easy access to local Logistics, Technical, and Marketing Solutions. 
Two new partners –Far International Logistics and the TMO Group - have joined Salesupply in their Chinese venture, providing the company with Logistical and IT support, respectively. Aside from Logistics Fulfilment, Far International also specialises in Global Transportation, and Supply-Chain Management. The TMO Group is heavily involved with the development of websites and the management of online content, in addition to technical e-commerce solutions. 

About Far International Logistics, Hangzhou OC. LTD

Far International Logistics are the industry leader in supply-chain management, with an HQ in Hangzhou; their reach extends to eight other offices in China itself. As standard, they offer very flexible delivery options covering land, sea and air. In recognition of their achievements, they were awarded the title of “First Class Forwarder” by the prestigious Chinese Ministry of Commerce. 

About TMO Group

The Technology for Mobile & Online Group are based in Shanghai; they focus on marketing technology; they create websites specifically for the B2C sector, and develop apps for mobile devices in across Asia and China.

About Salesupply

Salesupply is a company with an international mindset, they offer online shop operators a unique package of services geared towards helping expansion and competition at a global level. Throughout their many international offices, Salesupply endeavour to make a webshop function according to local specifications; the key services involved are webshop internationalisation, native speaking customer service and local logistical fulfilment. The company is forever keen to keep abreast of the most advanced marketing methods, having online acumen that extends to e-marketing and even the new opportunities being offered by various social media sites.