Which online internationalisation strategies make sense for brands? International online sales can be an interesting path towards growth for brands. However, just as retailers, brands face a number of challenges when determining their strategy to sell online across borders. Which strategies make sense? Salesupply’s Global Sales Manager Henning Heesen shared some insights during the ISPO Academy in Munich 2015:


Strategy 1: Direct B2C - Just monetize your brand image by a localized e-store

Cashing in on the brand image you already built up in a market is enabled by a localized online store.  
 • Good customer experience 
• Focus on brand experience and overall growth (online / offline) 
• Monetize your existing online traffic 
• Total brand image control
• Building an own customer database 
• Support your local retailers (on- & offline) 

• No strong online growth scenario 

Strategy 2: Direct B2C - Grow your brand in a new market by a localized e-store
• Quick market entry 
• Flexible branding strategy 
• Professional brand presentation 
• Building an own customer database 
• On- to offline strategy 

• High and long term investment

Strategy 3: Direct B2C - Grow your brand in new markets by e-marketplaces

• Acceptable customer experience 
• More and more specialized marketplaces 
• Building a global brand
• Low investment

• No brand control
• Not building an own customer database 
• Low margins