London Skyline: Successfully Entering the UK e-commerce Market Webinar

With a turnover of €127.2 billion per year, the UK is the most developed and valuable e-commerce market in Europe. So how can e-retailers successfully penetrate this highly valuable market? And what does the vote to leave the European Union mean for you and the UK in terms of its competitiveness?

Join us on Friday 30th September at 09:00 (GMT) as Managing Director of Salesupply UK, Frank van den Berg shares his expert insights and knowledge on what you need to successfully make it in the e-commerce land of opportunity that is the UK. 

In addition, we will also be joined by the Managing Director of ecommerce Worldwide, Graeme Howe, as he dispels the Brexit myths and gives us his take on what Brexit really means for the UK’s e-commerce market and e-retailers. 

Title: Successfully Entering the UK e-commerce Market
Date: Friday 30th September
Time: 9am-10am BST

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