Salesupply opens a new fulfilment location in London Heathrow. Opening this new logistics hub offers cross-border online retailers new opportunities to deliver faster, at lower shipping- and return costs throughout the United Kingdom. An additional strategic advantage is that a fast shipment from the UK will result in lower customer service costs.

Local shipping in the UK is more customer-friendly as well. A shipment is processed faster and the shipment costs for both seller and buyer are lower. The new fulfilment hub delivers both domestic and cross-border shipments. With this new location, Salesupply is extending its logistics network to worldwide delivery from the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, China and now, the United Kingdom as well.

Delivery experience

One of the great advantages of the Salesupply Fulfilment service is that online retailers have insight into their overall stock from a single system. This way, Salesupply provides complete control over the stock, fulfilment process and delivery worldwide. Ludo Verlinden, Business Development Manager at Salesupply, says: “Cross-Border Fulfilment is nothing more than a better customer experience. We call this the Delivery Experience, which goes hand in hand with reducing costs and creating a pleasant, easy delivery."

To improve the Delivery Experience, local stock can be delivered via the Salesupply Fulfilment location London Heathrow with a Delivery Window. Verlinden: “This means that the consumer receives a message with a timeframe of approximately 2 hours in which the package will be delivered.”


Now that the Brexit is getting close, it is becoming increasingly important for (r)etailers to start thinking about how they are going to manage the storing of their stock. The Salesupply Fulfilment location London Heathrow plays an important role in providing a solution. Salesupply has over 8 years of experience in the UK, and supports online sellers with the upcoming Brexit-related difficulties.


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