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The Cross–border returns game: Winning at home and away

The year is 1994, and a young American called John Kohn has just made history by processing the very first ecommerce transaction – a sale of a Sting CD to his friend in Philadelphia for $12.48. Fast forward 24 years and what, back then, was…


Customer Interview: David Maher - Director (247Blinds)

Why did you decide to outsource your international customer service? Our original plan was to deliver customer service from our UK base. However it quickly became apparent that there were significant challenges in doing…

Cross-Border Magazine 5


Cross-Border Magazine - 5: Out Now!

Out now! The fifth issue of the Cross-Border Magazine. In this issue you can find insights from interesting success cases, take a look at the consequences of Brexit and the GDPR and we discuss the value of packaging. Read about the international expansion…


Spotlight on 2018 and beyond consumer ecommerce search

In 2018 two types of search will dramatically change the way we will search on-line in the future, with many consumers using image-based and voice activated search for the first time, it is estimated that 50 percent of all search will be done using these two by 2020. 
These two types of search are dramatically changing the way that we will be searching on-line in the future, voice search and photo-shopping.…

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Cross-Border Ecommerce to CHINA | WEBINAR

Following the success of our recent Cross-Border Ecommerce to China Webinar, we have had a number of requests to make it live for those who missed our or those who want to recap on the experts insight on how businesses can thrive in the Chinese Ecommerce…

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