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London Skyline: Successfully Entering the UK e-commerce Market Webinar


Free webinar: Successfully Entering the UK e-commerce Market

With a turnover of €127.2 billion per year, the UK is the most developed and valuable e-commerce market in Europe. So how can e-retailers successfully penetrate this highly valuable market? And what does the vote to leave the European Union mean for you and the UK in terms of its competitiveness?

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11 Reasons for positivity as the dust settles on brexit


11 Reasons for Positivity as the Dust Settles on #Brexit

So, Brexit, is here. There is shock and surprise at the outcome of the vote but the leavers were at least right about one thing, namely that the sky has not fallen on our heads. Business must go on and although there will be challenges ahead there will also be opportunities for businesses large and

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Mastering the Art of Cross-Border E-commerce


Mastering the Art of Cross-Border E-commerce

Becoming a cross-border e-commerce trader and succeeding in international online trade requires mastering a wide range of topics, from the development of a suitable commercial concept for internationalisation to knowing how to maximise the performance of your online business in international electro

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Post NL / Salesupply Whitepaper ‘The first and the last mile- Localization and Logistics as key factors for cross-border success’

How do you plan your internationale e-commerce expansion? Which steps are important when localizing your webshops and how to tackle international logistics?
The ‘first mile’ of the customer’s purchase path is all about browsing, comparing and deciding whether or not to buy. It often is a question of trust, influenced by price competitiveness, level of service as well as emotion. For foreign retailers,…

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Boost your sales


How to Increase Conversion on Amazon

Amazon has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an online bookstore.  Now the world’s largest internet retailer, Amazon offers an excellent opportunity…

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European Commission Launches New ODR Platform for Dispute Resolution

The European Commission launched a new platform to help consumers and traders solve online disputes over a purchase made online.
The Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platform offers a single point of entry that allows EU consumers and traders to settle their disputesfor both domestic and cross-border online purchases. This is done by channeling the disputes to national…

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