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Dismantling 10 myths on cross-border e-commerce

Selling cross-border for all companies seeking to explore new markets and achieve growth by seizing opportunities abroad. Today, we will ‘de-mystify’ ten common misconceptions about international ecommerce expansion. Being an market…

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Digital divide


Become part of the purchase journey, wherever you sell!

It makes sense to focus on digital- wherever you sell. Brands that already operate flagship stores or sell their products via resellers in certain markets should also operate a localized online shop in each market they sell in. The same goes for retailers- if you sell somewhere, make sure you can be

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Cross-border e-commerce in Spain: A European business

Spanish online consumers are frequent cross- border buyers, whereas Spanish sites attract relatively few foreign buyers. However, both trade directions have booked over 20 percent year-on-year growth. Most cross-border transactions are taking place inside the EU. This is evident from the latest trim

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LOCAL + GLOBAL = GLOCAL in cross border eRetailing? 3/3

In our previous two blogs on localisation we explained the need to effectively localising your web shop and how effectively adapting e.g. your site, your customer services and your lead generation will require a Local Hero, i.e. someone locally to advise and support you with expert knowledge and eff

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Cross border shopping and Bonnie Tyler 2/3

What does a cross border web shop have in common with Bonnie Tyler? Read more to find out
In the first instalment on our ‘driving performance in cross border eRetail’ I focussed on effective localisation of a webshop as first step to success. I explained that localisation reaches much further than a quality translation –…

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Best in class: Examples of powerful localization tools in practice

When expanding an e-commerce business to foreign markets, conversion can be increased by creating a ‘local look & feel’, using clear language and building a trustworthy image right from the beginning. Offering a website in a way that local customers feel safe is thus a perfect way of turning vi

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From customer reviews towards active dialogue in international e-commerce

Customer reviews are important, there’s no doubt about that. They help online customers with their purchasing decisions, fuel their desires for a particular product and encourage them to take another look at the product. They currently influence our purchasing decisions to the same degree that per

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Advisory bulletin: VAT and cross-border online trade in the EU 2015

The new EU VAT laws took effect this year. But what has actually changed, and for whom? For vendors who sell to other European countries, there are now a number of considerations that must be given special attention. We've put together a summary for you of the most important rules, background knowle

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Global retail e-commerce maintains impressive growth

According to the 2015 Global Retail E-Commerce Index™ by AT Kearney, the global e-commerce market consists of larger, mature markets boasting large sales volumes, such as China, the US and the UK, and also smaller, upcoming markets convincing with their potential and growth prospects.
The UK (3rd) and Germany (5th) are the highest ranking EU countries, joined in the Top 5 by the US (1st), China (2nd) and Japan (4th). Spain, that hadn’t been ranked in 2013, achieved a respectable 18th rank.

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The Rise of Social Media in E-Commerce

Infographic on the influence of social media on purchase decisions and the role social media interactions play in the customers purchase path.
Mobstac has published an Infographic displaying the role that Social Media are playing in online transactions. For instance, how many consumers have…

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