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Lost in translation- Is ‘localisation’ the most misinterpreted word in international e commerce? 1/3

Whilst localisation remains pivotal for any company looking to experience international ecommerce success, its true meaning is often misunderstood;dramatically reducingoverseas conversion rates. So what is localisation?
Localisation is the process of converting a foreign website so that it appears to be of native origin for the user. The main objective is to make the consumer trust the website,increasing the chances of the customer making a purchase. Translation…

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Online internationalisation for brands

Which online internationalisation strategies make sense for brands? International online sales can be an interesting path towards growth for brands. However, just as retailers, brands face a number of challenges when determining their strategy to sell online across borders. Which strategies make se

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E-Commerce: Say 'Si!' to Spain

Did you know that the Spanish economy’s growth is stronger than that of Germany or The Netherlands, and that consumer spending is increasing? Would you be surprised about the fact that 63% of Spanish online customers buy cross-border or that online marketing costs in Spain are often much below th

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Salesupply launches new Whitepaper: How to sell on Amazon US

Salesupply, expert in helping companies to sell online cross-border, has published a new Whitepaper offering valuable information on how to sell on Amazon in the US if you are a foreign retailer. We have compiled Infographics with stats and facts about Amazon in general, the US e-commerce market, al

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Handle with care: European consumers and their perception of data protection

Consumer perception of data security varies across Europe, Retailers and Social Media score low on trust. Salesupply offers advice on how customer trust can be increased.
The average European is not happy with the way their data is treated by companies they do business with, finds a report issued by

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Dutch cross- border shoppers like China, Germany, the UK and the US

In 2014, 20 percent of Dutch online shoppers have bought something on a foreign webshop, spending a total amount of about €390mn. This was revealed by a new report published by the Dutch branch organization Thuiswinkel.org, based on research conducted in collaboration with PostNL and GfK.
  In 2014, 20 percent of Dutch online shoppers have bought something on a foreign webshop, spending a total amount of about €390mn.…

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MENA's e-commerce turnover grew by 30.3 in 2013

With a total B2C e-commerce turnover of $16.8bn in 2013, MENA was the smallest e-commerce region in the world in 2013. However, B2C sales of goods and services through the Internet did establish a growth of 30.3% compared to 2012, the second-highest growth rate behind Asia-Pacific. These are results

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7 Mistakes you could avoid when internationalizing your online shop

Internationalization always sounds exciting: opportunities, growth, revenue…and of course, what nobody likes to talk about, those inevitable mistakes. Just do it, right? But what if the most commonly made mistakes could be easily avoided? At Salesupply, we have helped a wide range of highly diver

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German e-commerce supposed to grow by 12 percent to € 46,9bn in 2015

German consumers have spent €41,9bn online on goods in 2014, which is 85 percent of the total turnover generated through distance selling in the country. Consumers spent nearly €11bn on digital services and goods, including travel, downloads and ticket bookings. This was revealed by the latest f

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