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Ecommerce market in China

The Chinese e-commerce market is ranking 2nd on the global ranking, the market accounts for 2.68% of the total GDP, ecommerce is currently representing 8% of the total retail.
The most used payment method in China is UnionPay making up 54.1% of all the credit card holder in China, some other methods are Alipay (a third party payment platform under Alibaba), Tenpay and online bank transfers.
Apparel, package foods and skin care/cosmetics are the top 3 most popular chipping categories in China; 20% of the total online shoppers are buying from foreign online shops.

Customer service in China

Our native speaking Chinese customer service team offer solutions that allow you to maintain a high standard of support for your customers; we are able to manage any order or product query that they may have. With our office located in Shanghai we are able to offer a fully localised service, helping your business deal with the management of incidents and customer queries either by emal, telephone or live chat.

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Digital marketing in China

Salesupply offers tailored digital marketing in China. Once your target market had been assessed, our Chinese digital marketing experts are able to implement the marketing measures that will work best for your business under the Chinese foreign environment. Through our Salesupply marketing services your online store will be able to advertise effectively, attracting new customer and achieving greater engagement.  

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Chinese market research

Success in the Chinese market can be met through a number of factors. Market research involving competitors analysis and potential analysis is the first step to understand the nature of your target market. Once your segment market has been assessed, our experts are able to determine the final approach plan that suits you best.

Return management in China

Our integrated return logistics service is able to process fast and hassle-free returns. Our customer service in China can provide you with a local return address avoiding expensive costs and meeting the expectations of your customers.

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