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Germany country report

Germany is the largest e-commerce market in central Europe, with a total turnover of 71.2 billion Euros. About 60 million people out of the 81 million German citizens use the Internet, and 48.5 million of them shop online. The German e-commerce market is still growing; in 2014 it increased by 12.3 %, and there are no signs of it slowing down. The mature German e-commerce market presents good opportunities for sellers from several areas. German customers tend to purchase a range of products through webshops and marketplaces. Amazon is the largest and most successful marketplace in Germany.

Customer Service in Germany

Our German support team is able to provide customer service for German, Austrian and German-speaking Swiss clients. All of our native speakers can offer the highest standard of support for any order or product question a possible customer might have. Thanks to our location your customers do not need to pay for expensive international phone calls, but can easily dial a German phone number. Email and chat support are of course included in our Support Services. A local customer service improves conversion rate as well as customer loyalty.

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Online Marketing in Germany

Online marketing has become one of the main aspects in advertising. Due to the fast moving nature of the internet and social media, one of the most important factors of online marketing is to be up-to-date and well informed about the news and stories in your target market. Besides that, you need a thoughtful strategy suitable to your business. We cover the most used marketing channels in Germany and are happy to figure out which one is best suited to your business.

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VAT in Germany

German VAT regulations and VAT returns are quite complicated for foreign companies. Due to complex legal regulations and mostly German-speaking tax authorities, this part of international e-commerce might be one of the highest hurdles to jump. We at Salesupply gladly assist you with the German VAT application and communication with German authorities.

German market research

Planning ahead is vital for success when expanding overseas. Entering a new market always comes with many questions that need to be answered first, and thorough market research is key. The challenge is to research your particular branch of industry within Germany, and Salesupply can help you with factors related to German market scan, market size, pricing, marketing costs and conversion rates.

Return Management in Germany

Many German customers are used to a free returns policy when buying online, and some German customers will base their purchase decision on the return policy. Even after the withdrawal right was changed in 2014, some German customers have accepted that they may need to pay for returns, but high return costs will influence their buying decision. A local German returns address means customers can return their goods at a much lower cost than sending them to an international address. In 2015, the largest marketplace in Europe, Amazon, made it a requirement to offer either a local returns address, or provide free returns for your customers. Salesupply can provide you with a local address in Germany, as well as total returns management.


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