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Spain country report

Spain is one of the most attractive economies in Europe at the moment, with an annual growth higher than that of most other members of the European community. Furthermore, Spain is the main access to other Southern European markets, as well as Africa and Latin America. Starting up a business in Spain means enhancing your competitive advantage, because the operational costs such as wages and infrastructure are extremely low compared to the costs in cities like London and Paris. Spain is also the preferred country for expats in Europe, and comes in fourth on a global level. While e-commerce growth is slowing down in most of the Northern European countries, Spain will show high growth numbers for at least the next five years. 

Ecommerce in Spain

The Spanish e-commerce market account for 1.60% of the total GDP. 56.5% of the ecommerce transactions in Spain are done on foreign sites, with most customer buying directly from the UK (14.2%).
Some of the most popular online stores are El Corte Inglés, eBay, Amazon and Mil Anuncios. Although over half of all online transactions are placed through credit cards, bank transfers and cash are also widely used. Some of the most popular items bought are home furnishing and clothing/footwear.

Customer service in Spain

Our native speaking Spanish customer service team is able to provide high standards of support to assist your customers with any issues, complaints and queries they may have. Our Spanish customer support is able to offer a localised quality service; this outsourcing solution will monitor and record all correspondence between your customer and our assistants, either by email, telephone or live chat.

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Digital marketing Spain

Salesupply offers tailored digital marketing in Spain. After assessing your aims and objectives, our local Spanish digital marketing team will implement the measures tailored to your business. Salesupply will focus on the most effective marketing strategies in Spain, thus adjusting to your budget, attracting new customer and focusing on your ROI.

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Spanish market research

Overseas success in Spain can depends on a number of factors. The Spanish market research provided by Salesupply will allow you to understand the nature of your target market, the study will include factors such as competitors analysis, local pricing and marketing costs. The final approach plan will determine how your e business can penetrate the Spanish market, narrowing down your chances of failure.

Return management in Spain

Is is crucial to have a hassle free returns process established in Spain. At Salesupply we offer a local returns management service, allowing your customers to avoid expensive and uncertain returns. Furthermore we are able to advise you on reputable logistics operators as well as storage and fulfillment solutions.

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