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The Netherlands Ecommerce Infographic

The Dutch e-commerce market ranks third in terms of e-commerce turnover in Western Europe, and it is still growing as rapidly as it has over the past few years. With an average spending of € 1100 per person per year, customers in the Netherlands spend a vast amount on online shopping. While being a well-integrated aspect of the economy, online shopping accounts for 7.6 % of the total retail. That figure is expected to reach 30% by the year 2020. 

The mature Dutch e-commerce market presents interesting opportunities for e-retailers who are looking to expand cross-border. For a small country with many inhabitants, they expect next-day delivery, and a fully localised webshop and service level. Dutch consumers are used to buy clothing, shoes, electronics and other must-haves online. There is a target audience of 17 million inhabitants in the Netherlands, which can be expanded to serve the Flanders part of Belgium and its 6.6 million more inhabitants as well.

Customer service in the Netherlands

Our native-speaking Dutch customer service team is able to provide your customers with the highest standard of support via chat, e-mail and telephone. As we are located in the Netherlands, we only work with native Dutch agents. The superior customer experience greatly improves conversion rate and repeat purchases. Via our CMS, our clients can view and manage their foreign webshop orders and correspondence in real time. 

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Market Research

Overseas success in the Netherlands is determined by multiple factors. Market research of your particular industry within the Netherlands will determine exactly what is required to be successful and compete in the Dutch market.

E-marketing in the Netherlands

Salesupply offers a wide range of digital marketing services in the Netherlands. After assessing your aims and objectives, our Dutch digital marketing experts can create and implement a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business. By knowing what marketing channels are most effective in the Netherlands, we can ensure your marketing budget is invested most effectively, focusing on your ROI.

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Localisation in the Netherlands

We can provide our clients with a Dutch address, email address and phone number, and we are able to assist you with Dutch online legals, applying for a Dutch Trustmark and Dutch VAT regulations and VAT returns. We can help you make your e-commerce platform fully local, ensuring that local customers trust in your website to make their purchase.

Returns Management in the Netherlands

Providing a Dutch returns address means customers won’t be discouraged by expensive international returns costs. In fact, for some international marketplaces, such as Amazon, it is now a requirement for a local returns address to be provided to customers to improve the customer's shopping experience. Salesupply is able to provide a local Dutch returns address, meeting the expectations of local customers.


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