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UK country report

The UK is currently the largest e-commerce market in Europe, with sales in 2015 equating to around £60 billion. In the UK, e-commerce has seen a 17% year-on-year increase in sales across the past 3 years and shows no signs of slowing, with further growth of 15% expected by the end of 2016. With 14.5% of all transactions in the UK now occuring online, the well-established UK online market presents an exciting opportunity for e-retailers looking to expand overseas. UK e-shoppers are always on the look out for new and exciting products.

Customer service in the UK

In the UK, ecommerce customers expect an efficient and professional customer service experience. Although email is the preferred method of correspondence, customers expect to speak over the phone with a native speaking member of staff who is well trained to resolve their issue quickly. With years of experience dealing with ecommerce clients, our UK customer support team is able to provide your customers with the highest quality of support across all email, live chat, telephone and social media correspondence.   

Digital marketing services in the UK

Our UK online marketing team have launched a diverse range of ecommerce stores into the UK market.  With consideration of your goals, competitors and marketing budget, our team can create and implement a tailored digital marketing plan, which ensures an effective market entry into the UK. We focus on delivering a low cost-per-order and know exactly what marketing channels will be most effective for your products in order to achieve this.

Digital marketing services 

VAT management services in the UK

In the UK, distance sellers are required to pay VAT at 20% if annual UK sales revenue exceeds £70,000, depending on the goods sold.  Our VAT management services are able to apply for VAT registration in the UK and manage your VAT on a month-to-month basis.


UK market research

To be a success in the UK it is crucial to first develop a good understanding of your target market. Through market research and competitor analyse we can identify the threats and opportunities which present themselves in your specific industry. Using these findings our UK marketing experts will then able to develop and implement an effective UK market entry strategy. 

UK Returns management services

With plenty of choice, high international return costs could deter UK customers from purchasing from your store. However, having to cover the return costs yourself could impact on profitability. From our UK office we are able to provide you with a local returns address which enables your customers to return their orders at a significantly reduced cost. Our UK returns management services provide the perfect returns solutions for you and your UK customers.


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