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In many aspects, the US e-commerce market is ahead of most foreign e-commerce markets. This results in some downsides; the competition is high, marketing expenses are high and the services level needs to be very high. Despite these downsides, it is nevertheless a huge market, average order value is high and the market is fairly easy to approach, due to limited languages spoken, a single currency and marketplace solutions like Amazon.

Compared to cross-border sales within the EU, cross-border sales between the US and EU often comes with a more complicated shipping challenge, which means you need to think about your business model when you enter the US market. Surprisingly enough, there aren't many pure online players that are very successful. It's a brand market and the combination between physical brand stores and online seems to be working best.

Customer Service in the USA

With our in-house customer service team made up of all native English speakers, we can assist your customers with any order or product queries and provide a high standard of support. We can communicate with your customers via phone, email or live chat, and as we are located in the USA, they won't need to pay expensive international calling costs and can work around their own timezone. This superior customer experience will greatly improve conversion rate and repeat purchases.

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Online Marketing in the USA

Salesupply can provide a variety of digital marketing services in the USA. Through an initial assessment of your aims and objectives, we can help you implement a digital marketing strategy tailored to your business, created by our American digital marketing experts. We can advise you on the most effective marketing channels in the USA and we can help you invest your marketing budget to get you the best ROI.

Sales Tax in the USA

While businesses in Europe are used to dealing with transactional taxes in the form of VAT, when selling in the USA sales tax must also be taken into account. With approximately 7,500 different sales tax rates in the USA, we can help you with the associated regulations and returns. Salesupply offers an affordable alternative to often expensive local tax returns and we have the knowledge and expertise to help you correctly collect sales tax in your online sales channel.

USA Market Research

Before expanding your online store abroad, there are many success factors to consider. Overseas success in the USA requires to understand the nature of your target market. At Salesupply, we are able to provide you with a detailed and extensive market research including competitors analysis and potential research. Once we have a detailed analysis of your expansion in the USA, Salesupply is able to provide you with final market approach plan.

Return Management in the USA

Salesupply can provide you with a local USA returns address, which means your customers won't be put off by expensive international returns costs. In fact, some international marketplaces (including Amazon) require sellers to provide a local returns address to improve their customers' shopping experience.


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