International market entry

Before taking your first steps abroad, it is vitally important to gain knowledge about the market dynamics of your target market so you can optimise your chance of success.

Market analysis

Our market analysis provides a complete assessment of your target market. This is achieved through researching your competitors, the current pricing level and marketing costs for the each target market. This allows you to assess your chances of success in a particular country.


Potential analysis

Our international market analysis starts with a review of your target market. Focusing on your specific objectives, we provide detailed insights which can be used as the basis for an international expansion strategy to succeed in reaching your goals. This study is carried out by local experts who are in the best position to provide an concise analysis and clear review of your target market.

Competitor analysis

We identify your major competitors, their strategies and approaches. This provides a valuable input to the market approach plan that we recommend or implement for you.

Local pricing levels

The average product price can vary significantly between countries in e-commerce. Therefore, it is important to establish what prices you need to achieve in order to compete in different markets. If prices are too low, it may be reasonable to consider analysing another country as an alternative e-commerce market. However, product pricing tells only half the story, we must also look at the relationship between price and marketing costs to establish the attractiveness of a target market.

Local marketing costs

The market entry feasibility of a particular country is largely determined by the costs of online marketing as well as local levels of pricing. Ultimately, the margin counts. Salesupply evaluates the costs of effective online marketing strategies, whilst also taking into account realistic pricing that could be achieved in a particular country.  

Country manual

Each country has its own ecommerce regulations and expectations. Based on our experience, we advise you on the legal situation, customer expectations, and on the adjustments and changes your online store needs in order to offer a satisfying customer experience.

Market Approach Plan

After a detailed analysis of your target market, our local marketing experts can provide you with a detailed market approach plan. Based on keyword competitveness and our understanding of the local marketing environment, we are able to advise on required marketing investment, effective marketing strategies and appropriate routes to market.

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